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Hong Kong Orchid

Available Hong Kong Orchids: 25 Gallon and 100 Gallon
Growers Notes: Drought tolerant
Hardiness zones: 9B-11
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About Hong Kong Orchid

Hong Kong Orchid trees have a fast growth rate and are capable of adding 24 inches or more to their height during the growing season.

The Hong Kong Orchid tree (Bauhinia blakeana) is one of the most popular flowering trees for warm weather climates. The Orchids produced by the Hong Kong display a brighter, stronger flower with depths of pinks and purples.

The Hong Kong Orchids Unique, butterfly-shaped leaves may drop briefly during fall to spring bloom period. 4-5′ wide flowers resemble orchids.

This tree was discovered in around 1880 by a French Catholic Missionary of the Paris Foreign Missions (MEP), near the ruins of a house above the shore-line of western Hong Kong island near Pok Fu Lam. Since 1997 the flower appears on Hong Kong’s coat of arm, its flag and its coins. (Source: Wikipedia)

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