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There are many benefits to using Florida native plants in your landscape for you, for your community, and for wildlife.

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Benefits of Florida Native Plants

By going with Florida native plants, Davenport’s Nursery can help you provide wildlife with a habitat they need to thrive. The native plants that we grow can meet the needs, including food and cover, of native Florida wildlife without causing long-term damage to local plant communities. With the right diversity of Florida native plants in your landscaping projects, you can provide:

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Prevent Introduction of Invasive Plants- Native Plants Landscaping

The use of only native plants in your Florida landscaping helps limit the chances that potentially invasive, exotic plant species will be introduced into the native Florida environment around your home. Many of the invasive, exotic plant species present in Florida’s natural areas today were introduced as landscaping plants many decades ago. Continued introduction of new exotic plants into suburban landscapes will result in many new invasive plants in the future.

Many Florida native plants produce showy flowers, abundant fruits and seeds, and brilliant fall foliage. By planting native plants, you will have a beautiful yard that is friendly to wildlife.

Low Maintenance Required For Florida Native Plants

Florida native plants generally grow well and require little care when grown on proper soils under the right environmental conditions. By choosing the right Florida native plants, you may be able to use fewer pesticides and less water.

Community Wildlife Habitat

As more people use Florida native plants in their urban landscaping, it adds to the available habitat for wildlife and benefits the community as a whole. Going native helps save our natural heritage for future generations.

Dedicated to Our Clients

Davenport’s Nursery is family owned and operated with over 40 years of experience and history in Naples, Florida. We are dedicated to serving our valued customers, Nationwide, with a wide variety of Flowering Trees, Shrubs and Palms grown in Southwest Florida.

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